Conrad Maziarczyk, President, Technical AdhesivesConrad Maziarczyk, President
The adhesives industry inconspicuously has always been the glue holding together the quality products, labels, and packaging for the food & beverage, automotive, construction, and many other industries. Each of the clients across these industries has its own set of regulations and guidelines laid out, making it difficult for adhesive manufacturers that offer off-the-cuff solutions. Developing custom adhesives is not easy. Solutions created with incorrect ingredients can be severely detrimental to the clients' deliverables. Rising to address such critical situations is Technical Adhesives, the most suitable and reliable partner for companies looking for premium adhesive solutions. For more than five decades, this family-run business has provided the highest customer satisfaction level through its effective adhesives, knowledgeable sales personnel, and quality auditing services. In its bid to deliver quality adhesives, Technical Adhesives' team scours the globe to obtain the right ingredients and manufacture the most suitable adhesives based on the clients' requirements. The company has chemist teams that take customer satisfaction up a notch by conducting testing procedures and inspecting the products regularly to provide consistent quality solutions. They are experts in developing the finest solutions in the company's state-of-the-art facilities using both reliable technologies of yesterday and the advanced ones available today.

The company specializes in creating durable water-based, hot melt, and custom adhesives and has seen significant growth in the consumer packaging, bookbinding, and automotive markets. "We always think outside the box and try to improve and broaden the performance characteristics of adhesives used in any particular industry," says Conrad Maziarczyk, the president of Technical Adhesives.

In addition to ensuring client satisfaction, Technical Adhesives provides employee satisfaction by promoting inclusivity and a sense of belonging within its workforce. Despite most of its employees having experience ranging from 20 to 30 years, the company's management encourages training to improve their communication and technical skills continuously. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Technical Adhesives even reduced its employees' work hours to ensure that everyone could take the necessary steps to secure themselves against it.

By virtue of the connections and experience it has garnered over the years, Technical Adhesives' exemplary adhesive solutions (and how they bring them into fruition) are a cut above the rest of its contemporaries. It partners with like-minded companies that promote respectfulness and diligence to deliver quality solutions.

We always think outside the box and try to improve and broaden the performance characteristics of adhesives used in any particular industry

To provide the highest client satisfaction level, its specialist teams are trained to respond to clients' queries within a day and conduct thorough audit programs. For clients, this service has been particularly advantageous as it ensures the correct application of adhesive and inventory levels. Also, the company remains compliant with all the government guidelines for different industries.

The company's collaboration with a large brewery provides substantial evidence of its abilities in providing strong and effective adhesive solutions. The brewery was facing difficulties using its expensive equipment to label its products. To identify the root cause and eliminate the hurdle, Technical Adhesives' team inspected the adhesive used by the equipment manufacturer and observed that an alternate form of technology would yield better results. Despite reservations from the manufacturers, the company improved the line speeds, rectifying the labeling issue swiftly.

Further highlighting Technical Adhesives' expertise in this field is its engagement with a client involved in building partitions. The client's partitions used to face delamination problems in high heat zones such as Arizona and Texas, especially during summer. To solve this problem, Technical Adhesives increased the heat and cold variants of the original adhesive used in the partitions. They broadened its performance capabilities which resolved the client's delamination problems.

Building on such accomplishments, the company will continue to offer its highly reliable solutions and maintain its position as a trusted adhesives manufacturer. Technical Adhesives is now working toward building a second manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas, to make a foray into the USA's southern regions.