Sydney Spraw, Ph.D., President, Designetics, Inc.Sydney Spraw, Ph.D., President
Much like how Apple defined a new paradigm in the smartphone industry, YouTube democratizing video streaming, or even iTunes redefining music consumption, Designetics—in a similar manner—has created a niche of their own. What started as a mission by the company’s founders to help automotive manufacturing find a better way to apply fluid to assembly line windshields has transpired to other industries, essentially spurring the ‘fluid application’ domain that imparts immense value to countless manufacturers. Founded in 1987, Designetics develops custom solutions for applying fluids to a substrate.

As a leader in fluid application systems and solutions, Designetics has in its sleeve numerous patented flow applicators to meet a wide range of specifications for applying primers, adhesives, and other materials to surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, rubber, and wood. “At Designetics, it is not just about some plastic parts or about our process or experience or even our products. What keeps us going is you,” asserts Sydney Spraw, Ph.D., President at Designetics, Inc.

Working with fluid manufacturers on the fluid dispensing portion of their manufacturing process, the company designs a wide range of precision applicators for manual and automated functions, including applicator brushes and channel applicators, applicators with flat, wraparound, and round heads. Such solutions serve clients across industry verticals such as automotive, aerospace, marine, construction, consumer packaged goods, electronics, and retail, to name a few.

Designetics offers a myriad of fluid applicators—more than 5000—and provides a variety of application systems and solutions. Going against the cookie-cutter ideology, Designetics’ solution can be customized based on its customers’ bespoke needs, such as lay-down dimensions, the viscosity of material and specific processes. To comprehensively understand the needs of its customers, Designetics begins client engagement with a consultation process. “We outline our customers’ manufacturing process, and our engineers explore potential Designetics applications solutions, including potential fluid applicators to best fit their requirements,” adds Mark Moll, CAD & Design Manager at the company.

We outline our customers’ manufacturing process, and our engineers explore potential Designetics applications solutions, including potential fluid applicators, to best fit their requirements

Depending on the needs, Designetics may offer an existing solution or design a solution specifically for its client, making sure that the product meets the specific needs. For example, if the current catalogue of existing fluid applicators isn’t ideal for clients, the company uses proprietary methods and rapid prototyping to create specified fluid applicators to meet specifications.

Outside of its products, Designetics is special from a cultural perspective among all members of its team. It is a family-driven company that steers itself to be successful, creative, inventive, and always wanting to do more and learn more. While the company has developed countless patents and application solutions for a massive clientele, Designetics’ integrity comes from its contribution to the community. The company has created the Designetics Cares Foundation that works to support children in the community. “Integrity is a touchstone in everything we do, in our every action. And giving back—to our community, our employees, and the world at large—drives us,” says Sydney.

Realizing the ample opportunities for fluid applicators in all manufacturing practices, the company plans to broaden the scope of their capabilities and their reach in markets they intend to serve. The company’s big push is towards automation that will help them deliver end-to-end, customized solutions for its clients. The future looks bright for Designetics.